Probates and Deceased Estates

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Have you lost a loved one?

Dealing with a deceased estate can be really difficult and many people have no idea where or how to start. At Wills Direct we understand that you may be grieving the loss of a loved one and we pride ourselves on taking an understanding and compassionate approach. We also know that the task of wading through mountains of paper work and dealing with legal jargon and technicalities can be quite overwhelming and that emotions between family members can often run high in these situations.
Probate & Deceased Estates

How can we assist you?

Katrina’s extensive experience in applying for probate and letters of administration and administering deceased estates means she fully understands what is involved and what is required. In particular, Katrina can:

(Where there is a will), interpret the will and explain your role as executor and the process for dealing with a deceased estate, including whether or not probate will be required;
(Where there is no will i.e. intestacy), advise you of the process for dealing with the estate, including whether or not letters of administration will be required and of the legal formula for determining who receives the estate;
Inform government bodies including Centrelink, Veterans Affairs, Medicare, etc. and other entities;
Assist you to identify estate assets and liabilities;
Obtain valuations of estate property (where necessary);
Prepare and lodge an application for probate of the will, or letters of administration, where necessary;
Collect in estate assets, (including superannuation where it forms part of the estate), bank accounts, shares, loans due, debts and insurance payouts;
Assist with obtaining payment of superannuation funds direct to individuals where superannuation does not form part of the estate;
Pay estate debts, including funeral costs and other debts and arrange discharge of any mortgages;
Sell or transfer estate assets to third parties or to estate beneficiaries;
Distribute gifts (inheritances) to beneficiaries;
Advise in relation to establishment of testamentary trusts (or any other trusts established by will);
Advise in relation to transfer of control of family trusts;

Organise information for estate tax returns and arrange preparation and lodgement;

Prepare or advise on deeds of family arrangement (to settle disputes); and

Where the need arises, assist with family disputes including assist with commencing litigation or defending estate litigation in the Supreme Court.

Homes visits

Katrina recognises that many aspects of dealing with a deceased estate can be extremely stressful and that having to take time off work or to go into a law firm in the city to deal with it all can make things even harder.

The Wills Direct home visit service takes much of the stress out of dealing with a deceased estate by enabling you to deal with the estate in the comfort and privacy of your own home at a time that suits you – even after hours, if necessary.

When you engage Wills Direct, we can help you through this entire process. Katrina will work with you to provide as much or as little assistance as you require.


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